Photos of the Trendy Murphy Building in Fountian Square

Street View of Murphy Building, Indianapolis, Indiana

A Street View of the Murphy Building

Built in 1884, the G. C. Murphy Building is one of Indianapolis’ hippest attractions. Located in the Indianapolis cultural district, Fountain Square, this defunct five and dime chain store now houses a variety of Indianapolis bars, Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis art galleries. The first Friday of every month Indianapolis people flock to the Murphy building to enjoy art at the iMOCA, Big Car Gallery and other Indianapolis art galleries. Every day of the year, Indianapolis businesses serve hungry Hoosiers from the Murphy Building. With a new extension to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail running in front of the building and a chapter of the Indianapolis Marion County Police Department behind the building, the Murphy offers raucous, yet safe, fun all year long. Enjoy this pictorial of the Murphy Building and its surroundings in Fountain Square.

G. C. Murphy Building
1043 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN