Photo of the Indiana Landmarks Center

Indiana Landmarks Center, Indianapolis

Signage in front of the Indiana Landmarks Center

The Indiana Landmarks Center, located in the historic old Northside of Indianapolis downtown, preserves the relics of Indianapolis history situated throughout the city. Created in 1960, this Indianapolis non-profit organization was created by several Indianapolis civic leaders disheartened by the destruction of the historic houses that defined the capitol city. Today, the Indiana Landmarks Center maintains its own historic building in addition to the Morris-Butler House, the Huddleston Farmhouse, the Remedy Building, Terre Haute’s Mutual Saving, the Willey-Allhands Hosue, Veraestau, and West Baden Springs Hotel and French Lick Springs Resort. Discover a living piece of Indianapolis history at the Indiana Landmarks Center. This Indianapolis attraction also hosts Indianapolis events. Enjoy this photographic tour of the Indiana Landmarks Center.

Indiana Landmarks Center
1201 Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202